Josh Green

Josh Green
Hazardous Substance Consultant
B.Sc., PGDipWaterRM

Mobile:022 341 9439


Over the past two years Josh has been working in the hazardous substance team under the watchful eyes of Chemsafety’s knowledgeable compliance certifiers. Over this period, he has been exposed to a wide range of hazardous substance compliance scenarios and has guided a range of clients from varying industries through compliance in a practical manner, by applying the regulations and guidance material, bouncing ideas off the Chemsafety Senior Consultants and coming up with practical solutions that meet our clients needs.

Josh enjoys being involved with large-scale hazardous substance site audits as it allows him to gain insight into different industries.

Client Story

Its starts at the beginning

By being in contact with our clients right at the very beginning of their journey through the hazardous substance Regulations we're able to guide them on how to best set up their sites to met the Regulations.  There is a lot of satisfaction in seeing your ideas come to life and then coming back to the site after a year to see everything is where it should be and perfectly compliant.  Its saves the client money in the long run as it means we can certify the site quickly each year.


  • Hazardous Substance Professional New Zealand (HSPNZ)