Industrial Hygiene

Ensuring that your employees go home each night safe and well is your highest priority.  Identifying potential sources of harm, and mitigating them is the focus of the Health & Safety in Employment Act.  Chemsafety's experienced Industrial Hygienists work with you to identify, quantify and mitigate health hazards in your workplace.

Workplace Air Monitoring

Hazardous dusts, fumes, vapours and gases can be generated from a number of processes in the workplace. Chemsafety can assist you by quantifying the initial hazard, identifying a suitable management system, and by following through to measure and document the effectiveness of control measures to reassure staff and demonstrate HSE compliance.


Noise Assessments

mandatory-earWorkplace noise is arguably the most prevalent hazard in the workplace. However, it can be easily managed to ensure harm does not result. Noise surveys are required at least every five years, or after changes in industrial equipment or work patterns. Chemsafety can provide a comprehensive noise survey, discuss eliminated, isolated or minimised options, and advise on suitable hearing protection options.