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Cleaning Mould

Being at home more due to COVID 19 lockdown means that there will be more humidity in your home. This combined with the change of season means that you’re more likely to have problems with damp and mould than normal.

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SafeGuard Issue 180

Need something to read over the lockdown? SafeGuard magazine have decided to make their publication free this month. There are some great articles ... especially the one written by our Managing Director, Bridgette Jennings on page 25

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Working from Home Tips

Like a lot of businesses the Chemsafety team is now working from home.  We're having to do a few things differently and we thought we'd share some tips on how to work from home.

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Hand Washing

Washing your hands is the most important measure to avoid transmission of germs but are you doing it right?

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How to take disposable gloves off correctly

With the outbreak of Covid-19, you may find yourself wearing disposable gloves a lot more than you are used to. It is important to know how to remove gloves properly, as improper removal can lead to transfer of contaminants from your gloves to your hands. Here is the recommended method for removing your gloves.

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Compliance Certification during COVID-19 Lock Down

WorkSafe have updated their approach with further information about compliance certification.  Chemsafety is here to help you manage your compliance during this time.

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Disposable vs Surgical Masks

COVID-19 has seen a surge in the use of disposable respirators and surgical type masks. Below is an explanation of the pros and cons of these types of respiratory protection.

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How to Make Hand Sanitiser

Before lock down Chemsafety got our science on and made our own hand sanitiser.

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